Tuesday, May 6, 2014

project #3: painting and repetition

 Artists Develop Art Making Skills
1. Going into this project I was very shaky with painting. My last time painting was freshman year and I was not happy with my final product; however, while doing this painting I learned a lot of new techniques and processes! For one, I learned the proper way to mix colors and working with my tablemates learned how to make just the right shades of colors we were looking for. I also learned different brushstroke techniques that allowed me to blend colors together to really make my painting have depth.

2. I definitely gained a lot of familiarity with the materials. I am now a lot more comfortable with mixing and painting with acrylic paint and I actually do it on my own time at home now!

Artists Collaborate

1. While working on this project I did ask for a lot of advice from my tablemates. Before I started each layer of the background/foreground I would ask Kalabria and Breanna what they thought of it and would make a few colors and see which ones I think would work best to start with. We also shared colors a lot which saved a lot of time.

2. Breanna inspired me partly with the color scheme because even though we were doing completely different objects we ended up using a lot of the same colors and as I was working I would see her using a color and realize that color would fit perfectly in my painting too.

Artists Solve Problems

1. The major challenges I faced while doing this work was pushing my self on the lights and darks in the painting. When painting I am always very cautious on adding lights and darks in because if you mess those up it will set off the entire composition; however, if you don't put enough end the painting ends up very bland and your eyes have nowhere to focus on. I responded to this challenge by trying to push myself to really add in darks and lights. I added in whites for the reflection on the teeth and gum even though I wasn't sure if I should and I darkened up the back teeth with grey and the tongue with a lot more dark blue and purple than I first wanted to.

2. My work took a slight turn when I accidently got a drop of red paint on one of my teeth. Fortunately for me, the chipped tooth was the one with the red and I decided to blend the red in with the yellows which made the chipped tooth stand out more and appear as if it was "injured". I also accidently painted a dark brown line facing the wrong direction on one of the bottom teeth; however, this mistake encouraged me to darken up the bottom back teeth with grey and more yellow which I think embellished my piece in the end.